Carp Roundup

     In an attempt to control the carp population Cause and prevent some of their damage to the river, Cause held an event where we payed fishermen $1 per carp. The event was held on Wisconsin’s free fishing weekend in June. The fish were used as fertilizer by a community farmer who collected the fish from us.

Canoe Cleanup

      The Cause project involved renting some canoes and borrowing  someone’s boat to offload junk to. The canoes were transported upstream on the fiver and volunteers paddle down stream picking up garbage and trash from the water and shore from public accessible areas along the way. And finally, disposing the trash. At time cause volunteers also cleared the river of some tree downfalls with chain saws.   

Fish Stocking

     What ever monies we could find were used to pay for our projects including fish stocking. Coordinating with the DNR we have purchased thousands of fingerling fish and released them in Tichigan Lake. They included walleye and pike and they’re expensive..

Cela Beetles

     Cella Beetles are an insect that eats only purple loosestrife. When there is no loosestrife available, it dies. The Cause project consisted of buying lots of small beetles, keeping plastic covered potted loosestrife and beetles packages at cause volunteers homes until transfer a covered, to protect from insect eating animals, cage in a loosestrife area was ready, and final beetle release.