About Us

Our name was selected in June of 1999 to represent the specific problem that we want to address as a group of concerned citizens – the gradual destruction of the watershed of the lower Fox River and Tichigan lake from silt and erosion.
Fox River Watershed Citizens Against Underwater Silt and Erosion (CAUSE)

We want to return the waterway to a state that was far more usable when silt from erosion had not reduced depth, clarity, and life in the waterway.

Our Vision is a watershed that is clean, healthy, and navigable for all users.
A return to the qualities of the watershed from the time of the 1940’s would be an ideal goal. The water quality, clarity, and navigability of the waterway at this time were ideal for all users from boating to fishing to swimming.

Prevention of further erosion and restoral of segments of the waterway through selective dredging and bank stabilization will allow the waterway to reach a state similar to this time.

The area of the waterway that we can make a difference within through our activities must be a reasonable size to manage by our group.
The Fox River from Waukesha, WI dam to the Waterford, WI dam and Tichigan lake represents 34 miles of river and over 1200 acres of watershed for our scope.

A practical scope will allow results through our direct action. We will provide guidance and support to any other groups that join this movement and focus on other areas of the watershed.

We will support the Fox River Commission (FRC) and the Waterford Waterways Management District (WWMD) and their implementation plans for the watershed through:
Public Awareness and Support
Working with Public Officials
Fund Raising to Support Projects
Volunteer Efforts
Working with Local, State and Federal Agencies

Working with the FRC, WWMD and agencies such as the WDNR will allow us to achieve goals together and be successful in this cause. Our independence as a Citizen’s action coalition will also allow us to voice our opinion and motivate officials to assist in this endeavor.